Time: 1h00

We have broken down the best tips and tricks for this natural trend as well as rounded up our favorite products to get you there quick and easy.

MAKEUP DAY 150 € – 200 € 

Time: 1h00 

Makeup artist will cover blemishes, define your bone structure and highlight your pretty eyes without making you look overdone.

MAKEUP EVENING  200 € – 250 €   

Time: 1h00

Spice up your look for a very special evening. This is the time to experiment with bright palettes, dressing up your lips with bold red or your eyes with smokey shadow.

COCKTAIL MAKEUP  150 € – 200 €

Time: 1h00 – 1h30

The Cocktail Makeup is makeup suitable for an evening or a special event. The work done on the complexion, lips and eyes will go further than daytime makeup, to give a more “dressed-up” effect.

WEDDING MAKEUP  price on special request price from 200 €

Time: 1h30


Time: 30 min

The lashes are more voluminous with a very natural effect. Our ultra-light and natural-looking eyelash extensions allow you to create uneven looks.